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Our philosophy is to cover all worksteps from development, to construction until production and comisioning.

On the basis of our patented technologies for punching tools, made out of carbonfiber-reinforced plastics, we built our company "YOUR-TOOL GmbH" in 2006. We work in the field of micro punching and distinguish ourselves by offering technical flexibility for customer requests and punctuality.

We are capable of producing punching tools and devices for hole diameters starting at 0,050 mm. These are used in the producing of ceramic films and other membrane mediums with a strength of 0,020 to 0,500 mm.

Philosophie und Full-Service

Our philosophy is to cover all worksteps from development, to construction until production and comisioning. We succeed at this with our highly qualifies team, the know-how of our leadership and technical equipment.

Our motivated employees take part in systematic training, to continously maintain our improvement and development processes. We are not only technically up-to-date, our leadership team also makes it an essential task to be enviromentally conscious and to protect our employees.


Production in highest precision

Tools for Bipolar Plates

Embossing Tools for Bipolar Plates

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming the market leader for embossing tools used in the production of bipolar plates. Together with our customers we develop and improve our tools for bipolar plates to perfection.



We manufacture prototypes, series or fixtures for you, from construction until completion, completely according to your ideas.


Your-Tool GmbH, Ceramic-Carbide Milling

We produce complex 3D contours for tool and mould construction, made of hard metals or ceramics between 900 and 2200 HV.



Newest developments in the areas of micro-erosion create undreamt perspectives and versatile possibilities in production of 3D shape inserts, micro-holes and miniature conturs.



With our 5-axis precision cylindrical grinding centres, we are able to produce workpieces within a grinding range of Ø 0.025 mm - 25.0 mm, with a grinding length of max. 330mm.



YOUR-TOOL GmbH manufactures high-precision tools. We will gladly assist you during the developmental phase.



Because carbon offers numerous benefits, we have developed and produced a variety of components from customer drawings that were previously made of metal.


  1. Founding
    of the YOUR-TOOL GmbH

    Manufacturing LTCC punching tools

  2. Integration
    of microerosion

  3. Carbon base frame

    Development of micro punching tools

  4. Patent

    Carbon base frame for forming and machining workpieces

  5. Integration
    micro sinking erosion

  6. Carbon C-Frame

    Single-Punch and UHT punching mashines

  7. Module tools

    Without cutting sockets micropoints

  8. Founding of the production location St. Andrä Wördern

    5 Axis simultaneous milling, Ra < 0.03

  9. Cylindrical Grinding

    Grinding range Ø 0.025 mm - 25.0 mm with a grinding length of max. 330mm

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Production Facility:
Strassfeld 10
A-3441 Freundorf

Tel: +43 (0) 2274 30 601 10

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